We will professionally represent your product on the Russian market

We know how to bring wine to Russia, make it famous and sell it here
27 years of importing wines to Russia
We have drunk more than a few trucks of wine, and brought even more
200 successful projects
In Spain, Italy, France, Georgia, Germany and other countries of the world. There is no such a wine-producing country we would not brought wine from
5000+ sales points
We work with large retail chain stores, distributors, restaurants and boutiques
(Unified State Automated Information System) — automated system to control the production volume and turnover of ethyl alcohol, alcoholic and alcohol-containing products
How the EGAIS works: system participant provide Rosalkogolregulirovanie or authorized custom office with electronic documentation, containing various information on the manufacturing, purchasing storage, supply, transportations and retail sale of the product. This electronic documents are called "application forms for fixing information in EGAIS". All these application forms are processed by recipients, and the system participants are provided with receipts for fixing or refusing to fix data in EGAIS. The application form to which refusal to fix was sent is not fixed.

  • Manufacturers and importers of ethyl alcohol, alcoholic and alcohol-containing products
  • Carriers of ethyl alcohol and alcohol-containing products with a strength of over 25%
  • Producers of beer and beer drinks, cider, poiret, mead, with a production capacity of more than 300 thousand decaliters per year
  • Producers of beer and beer drinks, cider, poiret, mead, with a production capacity of less than 300 thousand decaliters per year
  • Wholesalers, Organizations engaged in retail sale of alcoholic beverages in urban and rural settlements
  • Organizations engaged in retail sale of alcoholic beverages in the provision of public catering services
  • Organizations engaged in retail sale of alcoholic beverages in urban areas
  • Organizations engaged in retail sale of alcoholic beverages in rural settlements
  • Private entrepreneurs purchasing beer and beer drinks, cider, poiret, mead in retail sale
Why you should contact us
We understand the wine
industry regulation in Russia
Unlike the European countries Russia has rather complicated regulation of importing, purchasing and sailing of alcoholic beverages. If you do not know right person to contact with, have no experience, do not understand the regulation, you can easily make lot of mistakes and get losses instead of profits.

It is just suffice to mention the EGAIS (Unified State Automated Information System)
We save your
time a lot
You can spend a lot of time making presentations with poor translation into Russian, taking part in costly exhibitions, tastings, events where you pour liters of your wine for the completely random people, but never bring a single bottle to Russia.

We know how to avoid it. You may contact us for the professional assistance and keep on making new wines while the finished vintage is on sale. After all, we speak the same language - the language of wine
We save
your money
The smallest stand at the exhibition in Moscow costs something like 20 000€. And you have no guarantee you find a customer in Russia. It may take you a few trips to Russia to find a distributer. Hotels, flights, to say nothing of the difficulties caused by COVID-19. Expenses are high. And the result is likely to be disappointing.

We саn help you enter the Russian market much less costly and far more likely. We know everybody and everybody knows us
We choose only the best
for you
A huge number of wine events are held in Russia, and it is not always clear which ones will bring profitable contracts.

We will bring you in contact only with people really interested in your wines

Service packages

Type of services
Russian market weekly analytics
Products, partners and their news will be presented on our site in all languages except the original language
Creating a professional presentation in Russian
Weekly newsletter about partners news will be sent to the database of buyers of various sales channels
Creating posts and maintaining activity on Social Media in Russian
Calculation and analysis of sales efficiency in Russia
Conducting presentations and tastings at the request of the partner
Participation in events of embassies and trade missions, in exhibitions
Collecting and providing information about local alcohol market participants, market research
Legal verification of intellectual property rights of the product line names
Assistance for Russian buyers in selecting of product range from all the partners product line to be in demand
Shipping samples from Germany to Russia
Selecting the potential customers and presenting them the partner product range
Negotiating and determining the conditions on favorable terms for the partner
Search for business partners and negotiating on technical import
Participation in signing contracts at any stage
Collecting the set of documents for certification procedures and technical import
Store goods in our own warehouse and distribution of goods among our customers

Winemaker's Guide

Regulation of the wine industry in Russia, wine trends in Russia, market features and more

How wine reaches wineshop shelf in Russia

Entering into 2contracts- representation contract and purchase contract
Under representation contract: -official import of samples in bottles with clearance inward for certificating
Under purchase contract (all it takes is 1- 3 months): legal verification of intellectual property rights of the product line names
- contract registering at the customs office
- excise duty payments
- excise stamps receiving

Getting Bank Realisation Certificate in the bank (currency controls)
Winemaker ships the goods to logistics provider as per order (Riga, Vilnius)
Shipping stamps to logistics provider (Riga, Vilnius)
Sticking the back labels and stamps in russian language
Importation into the Russian Federation and customs compliance
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